Rylee Morgan has spent most of her life playing it safe and following the rules. It has
worked for her professionally and personally. So why should a trip across the country be
any different. She grabs her camera, camera bag and off she goes hoping to take her
professional career to another level. She never imagined her little sister Lexie coming
along for the ride. Lexie has an energy level that doesn’t quit and she not only
trusts everyone but she also follows no rules. However, Lexie needs to get away so
having her as an assistant won’t be too bad. Will it? Is Rylee in for a ride of her life
with her sister in tow when they meet the tall dark and handsome hitchhiker? Or will
they pass him by and follow all the rules? And what about the man she thinks could be
her Dad on the west coast? Will she find him after all these years?  Can she discover all
her dreams in one cross country drive?

Lexie Morgan is nothing like her sister. She makes up her own rules. So she thinks
nothing of inviting the hitchhiker along with them. He may be just what her rigid sister
needs to lighten up a bit. And she could use the distraction too. He certainly is easy on
the eyes.

Josh Bradley has a story all his own. Hitchhiking was just the beginning of his journey.
What will they all discover at the end of the road?  

Linda Rettstatt brings together two sisters in this story. It’s a very emotional
journey for them both. I thought she did a fantastic job of bringing Rylee’s
photography into the story as well. I really didn’t feel meeting a hitchhiker was an
ideal way to bring the hero into the book but she skillfully drew me in to the idea. The
hero and heroine were perfect for each other.  However, I had a hard time bonding with
the characters. I felt the book was a bit more about the sisters than the romance. I felt
the bond and love between those two throughout the entire story.  She made me long for
sisterly love. It was overall a very nice read. I enjoyed the story and I hope you will too.

Reviewed by Dyan Hunter