TV news reporter, MJ Rich, is ready for a break: a Christmas vacation with her family, a break
from her colleagues’ whispers and sly glances, and a break from her cheating, live-in boyfriend
Dan Sevier.  MJ knows Dan is no good for her, but she pushes those negative thoughts from her
mind (and tells herself she’ll deal with Dan after Christmas) and heads home to Pittsburgh for a
good, old-fashioned holiday with her family.

However, Mother Nature throws MJ a curve, with a severe snow and ice storm that shuts down
the airports first, and finally, the highways on the day before Christmas Eve.  Brady Cameron,
recently single and still broken-hearted, is a business man who plans to spend Christmas alone.  
MJ and Brady meet at the rental car counter, where they find there is only one vehicle left to rent.  
Since they are both traveling in the same direction, Brady invites MJ to ride with him and split the
cost of a rental.

Christmas Day is certainly not what MJ had expected.  When they finally do get back to MJ’s
childhood home, she is dismayed to learn that she might be home, but home is different.  Her mom
has gone back to work, one of her brothers is separated from his wife and living at home, the other
brother has a vegetarian girlfriend and wants to quit football-which is creating fiction between him
and Mike, MJ’s dad, and no one baked homemade bread for the holidays.

MJ apologizes to Brady for the lack of family tradition at her family Christmas, but Brady loves the
family chaos.  In fact, he fits right in; even MJ’s grandma thinks so.  Seeing how much MJâ
€™s family means to her, Brady pulls a few strings to get MJ a job closer to home, closer to
family.  However, when MJ uses that favor to hold him and any romantic ideas off, he wonders if
he will regret it.

Reinventing Christmas is a fun, light-hearted holiday story.  Linda Rettstatt is a pro with flirting,
sexy banter, and sweet romance.

Reviewed by Therese Kinkaide, women’s fiction author,
"Reinventing Christmas was for the most part an
enjoyable read for the holiday season, bringing home
the meaning of family and the importance of staying
connected to those you love."
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Reinventing Christmas is a fun and cozy holiday
story stuffed full of a stocking’s worth of
humor, family, and second chances at love. It
makes for a wonderful read any time of the year,
but most especially during the Christmas holidays
when we’re all looking for proof that anything
can happen. Whether the snow is piling up outside
or the summer sun is blazing down on your
shoulders, Reinventing Christmas is perfect for any
season when love is on the line.
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