I must admit I've made a "study" of breast cancer novels, not
only because I am a 21-year-survivor, who has lost Mother,
Grandmother and Aunt to breast cancer, but as a writer because I
like to read breast cancer stories. And this one remains one of my
favorites. We women love reading books about groups of women
helping each other.
  It is still amazing to me that Linda is not a survivor herself but
has this "survivor" thing so right on. She caught the emotions,
zeroed in on the hopes and fears and laments of all of us
survivors. And, she did it with skill and love for her characters
that sparkles on every page. Her dialogue is one of her strong
points, but the resolve and growth in her main character's spirit is
what jumps out at one.
  Bravo, Linda, for doing a marvelous job with this book and for
the hope you will inspire.                                                           
                                                                   Ellen Stucker, 2010
Emmie Steele knows a thing or two about second chances and gaining
a new lease on life.  After all, she fought breast cancer and came out
on the winning side.  She even managed to survive her husband
leaving her.  However, she never thought that would only be the first
round in a battle that will take all of her strength to win.  Her worst
fears resurface when she is told about a suspicious lump in her
remaining breast.  She knows that the cancer has returned.  She
understands the hard road to recovery, and remembers quite well the
emotional and physical turmoil that she had to suffer.  Is she strong
enough to go through this again?  How will she make it through a
second time?

Linda Rettstatt has penned an amazingly brave story of survival.  
She takes us on an astounding, eye-opening journey as Emmie
struggles against a deadly disease for the second time.  We bear
witness to a roller coaster of emotions as Emmie questions
everything that is happening to her.  No matter how strong we are,
there will come a time when we will feel hopeless.  NEXT TIME Iâ
€™M GONNA DANCE is a fantastic tale of family and friendship and
the bonds that strengthen when forged in fire.  Ms. Rettstatt has
definitely created a remarkable story filled with hope, and I will look
forward to whatever she happens to write next.

Reviewed by Melissa Kammer
This is a true-to-life story that's warm, endearing; a story of
faith, hope, friendship and love.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Betty Dravis, January 4, 2010
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