Binky's Corner
Olivia "Binky" rescued me on July 3,
2009. She was waiting for me at a
local shelter. As soon as I brought her
home, she discovered the unfinished
back to one of my overhead kitchen
cabinets and made herself a cozy nest
on the top shelf next to the wine
glasses. Binky now runs the house,
and I wake up laughing most
mornings because of her.
She's helpful at managing the
finances. As you can see, she guards
the checkbook faithfully. Her
favorite expression: You don't need
it. Unless, of course, the 'it' is Fancy
Binky plays hard and,
sometimes, just has to nap
for a minute--or an hour. I
swear, she really does have
a nice, soft bed to sleep in.
When I left the sofabed open
after stripping off the sheets, she
thought this was just the greatest
thing--a bed in her living room.
Turns out she enjoys
Lifetime--Television for Women.
"Huh? You want what? The
bed? But...I just got
comfortable. Can't you sleep in
the livingroom on the pull out
thingy? And don't touch my
pillows. I just got them where I
want them. Now, turn off the
light as you leave."
If you're thinking of getting a pet, visit your local animal shelter first.
~ * ~
Sadly, Binky crossed the rainbow bridge on August 10, 2018.
She gave my life so much richness and joy, and she will be forever
remembered for her sassy spirit and the way she lived all nine of her
lives on her terms.
If you have a fur baby in your life, love them, honor them, treat them
as family. And when it is time for their suffering to end, hold them,
push through your own pain and sorrow to stay with them to the very
last breath. They deserve that from us.
~ * ~