Binky's Corner
Olivia "Binky" rescued me on July 3,
2009. She was waiting for me at a
local shelter. As soon as I brought her
home, she discovered the unfinished
back to one of my overhead kitchen
cabinets and made herself a cozy nest
on the top shelf next to the wine
glasses. Binky now runs the house,
and I wake up laughing most
mornings because of her.
She's helpful at managing the
finances. As you can see, she guards
the checkbook faithfully. Her
favorite expression: You don't need
it. Unless, of course, the 'it' is Fancy
Binky plays hard and,
sometimes, just has to nap
for a minute--or an hour. I
swear, she really does have
a nice, soft bed to sleep in.
When I left the sofabed open
after stripping off the sheets, she
thought this was just the greatest
thing--a bed in her living room.
Turns out she enjoys
Lifetime--Television for Women.
"Huh? You want what? The
bed? But...I just got
comfortable. Can't you sleep in
the livingroom on the pull out
thingy? And don't touch my
pillows. I just got them where I
want them. Now, turn off the
light as you leave."
If you're thinking of getting a pet, visit your local animal shelter first.
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