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Writing for Women--stories of
strength, love, humor, and hope.
I've been remiss in updating this newsletter over the past year. Honestly, I've been busy.
Really busy. My romantic suspense novel, PROTECTION, was released in March in both
ebook and trade paperback. This was followed by a sweet contemporary romance,
RESCUED, released in September. This book was written to benefit the Tunica (MS)
Humane Society, a no-kill shelter in my area. I resurrected a short story I'd written some
time ago, QUIET TIME, tweaked it a bit, a produced it in ebook and trade paperback as a
short novella. These and all of my books are available on

My newest novel, LADIES IN WAITING (Women's Fiction) just released in ebook on
December 4 and will be available in trade paperback shortly. I had so much fun hanging out
with Liv, Cee Cee, Andi, Julia and Markie as I told their stories. I hated to see this book
come to an end. I want to meet up with the girls for coffee, they're such an interesting and fun
bunch. You get a peek into their lives at

It's hard to believe it's already the end of the first week of December. Where has time gone
so quickly? I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun. I've been having a blast
bringing these stories to print and working on a few for the coming year. Yes--a few.

RENTING TO OWN will be re-released in February by Turquoise Morning Press. And
keep watch for my announcement of the release of THE REAL THING. Also, and this is
really exciting, RESCUED will be coming out in audio. How cool is that? Then in December,
Turquoise Morning will bring you AFTER THE FALL, in time for next Christmas. I may just
sneak FLIGHT OF FANCIE in there somewhere, too.

You can see now why I've been late in updating the Newsletter. I wish you all a very Merry
Christmas, Happy New Year...and probably Happy Easter since I'm bound to be just as
busy in the coming months with new books for your reading pleasure.
Note for Book Clubs:    LADIES IN WAITING is a perfect book for book club
reading and discussion. If you choose this or any of my books for your book club
and would like for me to be a part of the discussion, shoot me an email. There are
ways to do this, whether your club meets in my back yard or across the Pond.
There's always Skype (and I'll try not to scare anyone, including myself.)
Here are a couple of covers for upcoming
releases for your viewing pleasure.